What You Should Know Before You Visit Australia

Some might say that Australians drive on the wrong side of the road but they wouldn’t agree so, quite obviously. Nonetheless, knowing the fact that they drive differently on their roads would help you prep yourself for driving in such streets for the first time. There are other things too that you need to know before you visit this land of the koalas and kangaroos and here are some of them.

Take Something Along For A BBQ Party

If you are invited for a BBQ party by the beach while you stay in your Geelong waterfront accommodation make sure that you take something along with you. It is a manner and tradition that you do so rather than showing up empty handed. It is also a way of showing your gratitude and thanks for being invited in the first place. So you could take a simple salad dish, some meat, a dessert or something else that would make the party much better and exciting.

Know the Slang

Australians use a lot of slang while conversing with one another. This use of such slangs has given rise to something we now call Australian English. So if you want to make sure that you are not out of the loop when it comes to this type of speaking style make sure that you do your homework on this. Terms like thongs in Australia means flip-flops in US and chuck a u-ey means make a U turn, so if you didn’t know these, either you would take them the wrong way or make a mistake on the whole. So do try to search on these beforehand.

Stock Up the Sunblock

Thinking of Australia, the first picture that would come in to your mind would be the endless beaches and the tons of tanning spaces on these beaches. And while you probably aimed this trip at turning up that tan in your skin, you might want to make sure that you have tons of sunblock in your luggage. The sun in this country is said to be pretty harsh. So either you roast like a lobster with no block or tan like melted butter with block. The choice is yours!

Another fact you might want to keep in your mind is that in Australia the internet isn’t all that great. So if you ever want to access it in ease and speed, do make sure that you purchase yourself a hotspot to carry around with you, and some of these even function as a charge. Use these tips in your trip and make sure you are all set to go!