Spending your vacation in Australia

With a multitude of tourist attractions and a very vast changing climate, Australia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Whether you want to spend your time fishing, sightseeing, hiking or simply to relax and get a good tan, Australia harbours a wide variety of tourist destinations to suit your personal needs. Here are a few good tourist destinations and activities you can do in Australia.

Karijini National Park

Being the second largest park in Australia, Karijini National Park is a definite must visit for all nature enthusiasts who wish to observe the local fauna or hiking lovers. This wildlife park covers a broad area of over 6000 kilometres and is home to a wide variety of animal species, beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes and amazing sceneries. The park also has suitable accommodation for tourists to spend the night and also provides facilities such as trekking gear and also is able to arrange walk trails leading deep into the forests within the park. Karijini is an ideal destination for family trips with plenty of picnic and camping sites.

Fishing in Darwin

Darwin is the capital of Northern Australia and is a popular destination for all fishing hobbyists. One of the most popular sportfish that is found is the famous Barramundi, a large predatory fish that will offer all anglers a challenge. There are plenty of barramundi fishing Darwin tours that can help you equip the right gear for fishing as well as a lodge for accommodation. Whether you are an experienced angler or have never tried fishing before this will definitely be a fun filled activity for you to try on your holiday in Australia.


When visiting a country, it is always satisfying to observe the local heritages and culture. In almost all parts of the country, there will be either some local heritage that you can visit or a museum that will hold some ancient artefacts to help you study the local culture and history. Some of these sightseeing tours maybe provided as a package, for instance the barramundi fishing tours Darwin has available, may also offer sightseeing to local museums and heritages as part of the tour. Finding a good tour package deal will allow you to make efficient use of your time spent in visiting a particular part of the country.

Before you decide to travel to Australia consider what your interests are based on the above 3 activities and make the necessary arrangements before you travel there. However, it is advised that you try to budget your expenditure so that you avoid over spending on a particular activity so that you can make the most of your holiday.