Places you should visit in Sri Lanka

The tiny island right below India is where Sri Lanka exactly is. And if you are going to India you cannot miss Sri Lanka because it just on your way! Some call it the pearl of the Indian Ocean and others used to call it Serendib or Ceylon back in the old days. But today Sri Lanka stands strong with her proud name and identity with a lot to see and do. So if you are planning your vacation to Sri Lanka this year, here are some places you should be visiting to experience the Sri Lankan culture and tradition to the fullest!

The Galle face green

When you visit the metropolitan city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, Galle face green is a place you cannot miss. It is also a must visit tour spot in many unique Colombo tours. This is an open-air field where usually the country’s Independence Day is celebrated on the 4th of February and other times it is the perfect place to just kick back and relax. You can take a stroll down the stone road or walk across the half-grass-half-sand ground or fly a kite (literally of course!), or just have a picnic with your mates.

The highlight though of this place is the bridge that allows you to look beyond and far towards the horizon. Although it is not recommended to have fun on the beach because of the rough tides and unsafe grounds, you can still feel the breeze of the sea whizzing through your hair and the salty taste on the tip of your tongue!

The national park in Hambantota

If you are a wild life enthusiast wanting to experience a safari first hand, this is the ideal place to visit. The sight of leopards prowling about, elephants crossing your path, a yawning lion or two and even certain cultural ruins are all a part of the experience when you choose to visit here. And since there is nothing holding back the animals here, you are expected to be cautious of how you behave in the area. Nonetheless it is still fun and exciting!

The lighthouse and Fort that stands proud

If there was one place you should never ever, ever miss when you are visiting the Island that is Galle fort. It is practically a city of the tourists especially because of the amazing architectural structures, the vibe, the ramparts which is the highlight and most essentially the lighthouse that lights at night! What is even more fascinating to witness is the line of gem and jewelry stores, the cute inns and boutique stores, the stone pathway across Fort and even the amazingly transparent beach, which are all a part of the Galle essence!

The people in the country are always willing to take and show you places, all you need to do is just ask!


Image: Sri Lanka