Know your options at bay side drinking joints

Most of us love to let loose when we are vacation places. Especially when there is a scenic beach at bay side destinations like Corio Bay or others in Victoria, you will find several eateries and joints, local and laid back that are ideal to stop by and have a drink or two. However, you might want to keep some points in mind as you get comfortable at any of these places with your loved one or your friends.

Stick to the limits

Even if you are not worried about the strict laws as in the city, you need to be wary as DUI laws will prevail in the Geelong area as well. Hence, when you select the best bar Geelong it would be best that it belongs to the hotel where you would be staying for the night. If you are here for a weekend vacation there might be several local and beach side places you would want to try. Even if you do so, ensure that your accommodation destination is within walking distance from such a place.

Find attractive deals

When you are careful about how much you drink and how much you can consume, there is no reason why you should not have a good time when you are at the best bar at Geelong or similar places with friends. With several eateries offering attractive prices and deals you can make the most of your vacation at such a place. With combo offers of snacks along with drinks you can have a great time and have plenty to splurge on as most places here have modest rates.

Try new items

Many bars and restaurants in these places have unique concoctions that are a must try. You will find unique bar menu selections at several places that are enticing to say the least. At the same time they include fresh seafood in snack or platter recipes. Grilled or barbecued sea food pairs well with drinks and cocktails. You will find unique cocktails and recipes to try as well when you explore the different joints in Geelong. Indeed, several restaurants here offer unique cuisine as well as relaxed environment. Many waterfront properties are popular here. You can look up different places and their descriptions on websites and portals before you make up your mind.

If you wish to arrange for a party with friends and loved ones or to make a weekend trip out of it, Geelong offers several places that would be perfect to book for such occasions or trips.


Image: The Bottle