Best Things to Do in Geelong

Geelong feels like a place that exists on a separate plane from Melbourne City. Compared to the rowdy and cosmopolitan Melbourne, Geelong is much quieter and scenic. This township makes from a great weekend escape from the city. For tourists, Geelong is a great place to experience authentic Australia. Visiting is not hard either. The traffic to Geelong from Melbourne is often easy-going and not congested. You can also simply take the V-Line train. Along the way, you will get to enjoy great countryside views. Once you are in Geelong, here are some of the best things to do:

Explore the Waterfront

The waterfront is what Geelong is most famous for. So, plan an extended walk or a stroll to take in all the sights and sounds of the wonderful area. If you are planning on staying in the town for a couple of days, you will find the best cheap accommodation Geelong near the waterfront. You can enjoys views over piers here. Don’t forget to visit the bollards stretch, extending from Rippleside to Limeburners Point. Here you can see about 100 bollards that show the history of Geelong illustrated by a local artist. You can also enjoy great natural scenery from the bollards too. If you want great snaps to show off on Facebook, do it by the bollards.

Ride the Carousel

Geelong waterfront is also famous for a history carousel that both adults and kids can ride. The stunning structure was originally built in the late 1800s, and you can still see the intricate wood carvings of horses and other animals. Entrance to the carousel area is free, but you will have to buy a ticket to ride. The carousel is wheelchair accessible too. Once you are done riding all you want, you can hang out in the area and enjoy some street food.

Enjoy Sunset Coffee

The waterfront is dotted with excellent eateries and cafes, like the popular Panache Cafe and Creperie. This is a great spot to stop by and enjoy tea and packages in the evening watching the colourful sunset sky. The cafe has both indoor and outdoor seating. If you want to try one or two of the delicious local dishes on the menu, request indoor seating to avoid the harsh sun. Afterwards, you can take a stroll in the Steampacket Gardens on the opposite end of the street.

Geelong Botanical Gardens

Located on a small hillock, Geelong Botanical Gardens is a must visit attraction in the city. It’s a well preserved green area, perfect to escape the midday sun and enjoy a picnic. The gardens cover over 200 acres of ground. In summer, you will be greeted with multicolour flower bushes, majestic trees and verdant scenery that will soothe your soul. You can jog and stroll on well-marked pathways inside the gardens.

You can get out east of Geelong for about 15km to visit a tony town called Lara. This is where the You Yang mountain range is located. Here you can enjoy pristine natural scenery and go on forest walks and hikes. The mountains are also home to many aboriginal villages.